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A lesson in a Victorian Classroom

Last Wednesday we visited Braintree Museum and took part in a Victorian Day.
We had a fantastic day as we stepped back into the past wearing our long dresses, mop caps and waistcoats. During the morning we played detectives as we followed a Victorian Trail around the museum to find out what life would have been like for a rich victorian child versus a poorer one. We wove straw plats, saw bone shaker bicycles and an amazing dolls house. Some children felt they could have spent hours playing with it as it had 20 rooms!
After this we used our investigation skills further as we made jigsaw puzzles that helped us identify items from the era. We discovered that they had gadgets for everything! We held an iron that was especially for ironing frills, a bubble maker for washing clothes and a sliding hook that was for toasting bacon by a fire. The most amazing one was the claw-like scissors that cut sugar cubes from a giant loaf. 
After lunch, we lined up for inspection before entering a classroom in the year 1897. Our shoes and hands were inspected and then we chanted our times tables. This was followed by handwriting, where we wrote neat letters on a slate. We thought they looked like walking sticks.
It was a great lesson but the teacher was not like the ones we usually have. 
Thank you to all the parents who provided such great costumes and those who also helped on the day.
Here are some pictures from our day.
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