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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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Back to the game board...

Well! as it turns out the Little mouse didn't see anything although he did hear a thumping sound that could have been footsteps and saw a glimmer of something shiny.  We went back to the game board and rolled the dice again. This time it led us into 'The Kiss that missed' maybe the brave knight had something to do with the missing sword.

But this knight was not a typical knight! He made us giggle when we noticed he had split his trousers getting onto his horse and he looked scared in most of the pictures!  That led us onto thinking whether he really was right for the job.  We wondered what characteristics we might look for if we needed a knight to protect the school.  It turns out that the knight was looking for a new job so we had to think carefully if he fitted our job description, our decision was not unanimous! 

We have been practising lots of subtraction this week and have noticed lots of patterns in numbers especially number bonds to 10.  We are getting much quicker at spotting these patterns which is great! 

Our secret seeds are now planted outside and we look forward to them growing tall and revealing their hidden treasures later in the summer.   
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