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Welcome to Linton CE Infant School!
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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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Bubbles and String are our favourite things!

We've been really busy learning and having fun at the same time in Year 2 this week. We learned all about how dolphins and whales use bubbles to play, warn of danger and to hunt for prey. This inspired us to do our own bubble paintings. We had to work out how we would make our paint bubbly, and how we could then get the bubbles onto our paper! It was really messy and loads of fun! 

In maths we have been investigating different shapes. Using a loop of string was a great way to make shapes as a group and helped us to see clearly how many sides and corners different shapes have. It also made us think really hard about how we could make regular shapes, that have sides of the same length. 

We also had a great time learning about rounding to the nearest ten and counting in 10s and 1s by staging some lifeboat rescues. You can have a go at some rescuing yourself by coming in to have a go at the game in our corridor. There's also a fun game you can play online at home to help out with maths which you can find by clicking on this link:
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