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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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Dear Fairy Godmother...

What a wonderful lady she is! She has been most helpful this week on setting us off on the right tracks as we try to discover who or what has taken the sword.  She sent us a board game which led us to the story of 'Little Mouse's Big Secret'.  We have really enjoyed reading this so far and hope that little mouse might have seen something as he can probably get into small places to watch the world. In the story he grows a secret seed which turns out is not such a secret after it grows into a great big apple tree!
We made our own newspaper trees that grew taller and taller and have checked up on the sunflower seeds we planted last week.  Some of them have 2 leaves now.  
Hopefully next week we might find out some extra information on the whereabouts of the sword but until then keep your eyes peeled!
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