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Designing bridges

This week be looked at different styles of bridges.
We set about trying different challenges just in case the Troll called on us for help. We predicted that his home, which had been flooded in February, would now be dry. This could have left him with problems such as rotten wood and holes in his bridge.
We created a model of Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge, using tubes and string stretched on to our table tops and used 3D shapes to create our own designs. We sorted out which shapes had the best properties for bridge building, such as flat faces and few edges.
To finish the week we used our own bodies to create Trust Bridges. We had to trust each other to hold the shape and to stay still and steady. The three words we were looking for in a Trust Bridge were STRONG, STURDY AND STABLE. 
Sometimes we created a great bridge that had an extra person to hold the bridge firm. These were our most successful designs . It was like the bridge had extra supports or legs. To test each bridge a passenger had to travel either under or over it.
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