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Welcome to Linton CE Infant School!
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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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Dragon hunt

Would you believe it! We found evidence of a Dragon who has a lair in the churchyard.
A rumour spread around the school that there had been a strange sighting. We undertook to go and have a look. Armed with a map of the area, we set of to plot whatever we found.
We saw glittery scales that had been recently shed and bronze coloured teeth in a pile. At first we thought these were bones, but soon discovered that our Dragon may be old and have crusty gnarled teeth, which fall out easily.
There was a dark hole that we thought might be his den because nearby we uncovered a basket of jewels( possibly taken from an unlucky Princess).
Fortunately, there was NO DRAGON!
Just before we set off back to school, somebody heard  rustling and felt vibrations coming through their shoes, whilst standing on the path.
We scuttled quickly back to school, just to be safe.