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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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'Eggstreme' excitement!

We are beyond excited this week.  We started the week thinking about the best plan for catching a dragon.  The Fairy Godmother suggested a sleeping potion would make them easier to catch.  Sweet dream crystals and sleeping syrup arrived in a special parcel and we used them carefully to make the potion.  Unfortunately as the Fairy Godmother is so busy she could not find the recipe so we needed to write the instructions for her.  After the potions were mixed we choose places to squirt it in hope that a dragon might be attracted to the glimmering liquid, smell it and drift off into a blissful sleep.  We think it worked because the next day we found evidence everywhere!
We looked high and low for clues and eventually ended our hunt after we found dragon eggs.  We have bought them back to hatch and then we will try and train the dragon.  We have heard that dragon eggs explode rather than hatch so we are keeping a watchful eye on them. 

In Maths we have been working hard to tell the time.  We know how to read o'clock and half past times and had great fun with some one minute challenges.   
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