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Welcome to Linton CE Infant School!
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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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Exploring our surroundings

Last Monday Mr Hall, our explorer, visited us to show us pictures of the Arctic. He had visited the area many times on expeditions. We loved seeing his photographs of Arctic animals especially the polar bears. He unpacked his expedition rucksack so we could see his warm clothes, walking poles, a sleeping mat and tiny tent.
We could not believe he had breakfast, lunch and dinner in such small bags, even if it was prawn curry!

Later in the playground, we learnt about different types of maps and the points of a compass.
We explored in small groups and used a map to navigate around the school. We had to find flags by following our maps. It was very tricky because even if you had found the spot, you had to search up, down as well as all around. We had lots of fun!
By the end of the day we could say which way was North, South, East and West and zoom from point A to B in our teams.
We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Hall for such a fantastic Explorer Day. For some exciting photos of the day visit the latest news section of the website.