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Hungry and unhealthy on board

Last week we received word from Captain Sea Dog that he and his crew were down to their last two Ship's Biscuits. We researched a recipe and tried to include all the things we knew were in the ship's food barrels. ( We included a few frightful extras too!)
We sent the Captain our biscuits and a food map of the world. We had found out what all the countries were famous for that he was passing through as he sailed from North to South. The map showed him how to pick up a healthy diet by stopping at different countries for fruit, cereal, meat and rice.
Here we are tasting a few biscuits before we sent the rest to the Captain. We sampled them to check they were okay!
We included maggots, as the Captain said they were on board and mixed them with flies wrapped in a spiders web. Yum! Yum!
To the observant eye these may have looked like strawberry laces and raisins, they were definitely chewy.