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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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In the Navy we will sail the seven seas.

Last week, Yellow and Blue class were faced with a difficult decision. Should they accept the many challenges that they might receive onboard a 1813 ship or not?
They were notified by code that there was an old looking ship in Mouse Hole Harbour. The Lifeboat men and women were busy, so they deciphered the code and found a mystery. The mystery will unfurl later in the term but they all decided to sign up (using a quill) and find out about a sailor's life.
They read about their possible jobs, such as being ship's cook, navigating and making compasses and filling out the ship's log if they see anything unusual.
They stepped back in time by crawling through the 'Portholes of time', only to reappear 200 years later.  
After that, they took their signed agreement to the Captain's cabin. Luckily, he was out so we could look through his chest, try on his hats and badges and checked out his fancy table.
We found our first problem there too. The ship's rigging was loose and we needed to learn how to tie a reef knot to tighten the rigging. This job was accomplished, we had a swig of our water bottles and danced the afternoon away by learning the Sailor's Hornpipe.
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