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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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Mathematicians and Musicians

What a great start Year 1 have had! Mr Hinde and I have been so pleased to see the children smiling every day; learning about time holes and thinking carefully about their numbers in maths! The children had a big number problem to solve, making a tower that followed more than and less than rules. They had to count, use their number lines and check to see if the cubes they used matched the magic number the teachers wrote.
As well as this big brain thinking, we have been exploring poetry and pattern in literacy. The children have been using their bodies to create beats and rhythms for our poem 'Eenie Meenie Miny Moe;. On Tuesday we added instruments to the pattern and explored the different sounds they could make AND how we might change the poem to make it sound new and exciting!
PHEW! I can't believe it's only Tuesday!
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