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Microscopic science

Year 1 have been visited today by Dr Macarthur to talk about her role as a scientist and her work with microscopes. The children were fascinated to see what the different things around and inside them looked like under a microscope. We looked at the wing of a flea and human blood and then we compared this with snake blood! There was a lot of questions and talk about warm and cold blooded animals and what we discussed what we thought this meant. Dr Macarthur was pleased to hear some of our children talking about cells! 
Finally, we did a mini-investigation around bacteria and why it is important to wash your hands. Dr Macarthur brought a special glittery potion which the children could only see underneath a black light. We saw how easy it was to pass on dangerous bacteria from hand-to-hand if we forget to wash them!
Year 1 want to say a big thank you to Dr Macarthur for taking the time to come and talk with us!
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