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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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Music and medieval merriment

The day finally arrived! We have thought hard about how knights and princesses would have kept themselves entertained at a celebration.  We learned about jesters and made our own funny hats.  We tried our hands at telling jokes and singing songs to get into the party spirit.  Dance was next on our agenda.  We knew that Disco did not exist in that time so we had a go at some medieval dance. We listened carefully to the beat of the drum, ably played by our Minstrel Mrs Markham and moved around the dance floor.  We had worked up quite a hunger with all that dancing and it was time for the feast!  It was scrumptious, the bread we made was tasty and we were pleased to see a chocolate cake! 

We are a little bit sad that our baby dragon will be leaving us soon though. We hope he will be happy at the castle with Princess Daisy. 


Banquet  1
Banquet  2
Banquet  3
Banquet  4
Banquet  5
Banquet  6
Banquet  7
Banquet  8
Banquet  9
Banquet  10
Banquet  11
Banquet  12
Banquet  13
Banquet  14
Banquet  15
Banquet  16
Banquet  17
Banquet  18
Banquet  19
Banquet  20
Banquet  21
Banquet  22
Banquet  23
Banquet  24
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Banquet  26
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Banquet  28
Banquet  29
Banquet  30
Banquet  31
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Banquet  33
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Banquet  35
Banquet  36
Banquet  37
Banquet  38
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Banquet  40
Banquet  41
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Banquet  43