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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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Red Arrows mission

This week we have been learning about the Red Arrows. We have been astounded by their incredible displays - have a peek at this video clip to see them in action!


On Wednesday we received a mysterious email from the Red Arrows informing us that their smoke machine had gone missing! They needed us to help them find it in time for their next display. In teams, we went on a search around the school and discovered some clues. We pieced together the message which told us 'Your code is 555'. Miss Baber and Miss Booth noticed some exciting boxes with padlocks around them, and we used the code to open them. Unfortunately, inside 2 of the boxes were more messages explaining that the key was in another box! Thankfully, Mrs Sleeman found another box which did indeed contain the missing key. 


The key opened an old chest, which contained some sort of machine. We took it outside to test it out, and discovered that it was a bubble blowing machine! We had a great time dancing around as it rained bubbles! 


We used our exciting morning to write some fantastic recounts of what we had done. Ask us about it - we'd love to tell you more!