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Sailor Skills Day.

We were dressed up and ready for our latest challenge from the 'Old Sea Dog' Captain today. In the morning, he set us some problems, using measuring, where we had to work out who would be the best crew mate for different jobs on the ship. The cook needed to be short so he could fit in the ship's galley, the fisherman needed long legs and arms to swim and haul in the nets, the lookout needed to be tall and the sail mender needed big hands to hold on to the sail whilst he sewed.
Each group checked their measurements and created a chart to show them to others. It was tricky to organize how we wrote our results but we realised this was very important to help us read them quickly and accurately.
After deciding which jobs suited us best, we got on with our next challenge. 
The ship needed some new hammocks. We designed hammocks out of newspaper and checked our model could hold at least a 100g weight. Tomorrow we will tell the captain all about our findings. The best hammocks could swing from side to side and not drop any of the  weights. Also Eliza and Amelia managed to make a strong one that held 300g in weights!
In the afternoon we practiced our Sailor's Horn Pipe with our Year 1 crew mates and created a wave picture from handprints. Some of us even painted fish that were camouflaged and hid amongst the waves and surf. 
We had a great day and would like to thank all the parents who provided such wonderful costumes. 
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