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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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The day Mr Junk Man visited

Yesterday was a tuneful, if noisy, day at the infants.
We were visited by Giles and his Junk Orchestra. Both Yellow and Blue class had an opportunity to play alongside him and tell musical stories using his vast array of junk instruments. We loved exploring the sounds as each instrument was different and he had made them all himself. It was like a giant quiz where we had to guess what they had been recycled from before they became a new drum, pan pipes  didgeridoo or horn. We identified all the materials we could, as well.
After our session playing everything as loudly as we could, we experimented with following a beat, high and low sounds and finally soft and loud rhythms. We made our own set of junk instruments too using paperclips, glass jars and water, string, elastic bands, cardboard tubes, pots and dried beans.
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