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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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The story so far...

We've been keeping a careful eye on the sky through the control tower. We have seen several Jumbo jets and some smaller planes taking to the sky to travel on their journeys.  One little red aeroplane has been very much on our minds.  We saw it fly over mountains and loop the loop even delivering a parcel to an octopus.  We can tell you a story all about it. Keep your eyes posted for a storytelling video hopefully coming soon! 

We thought about what we need when we go to the airport and decided where we would fly in our jumbo jets, Egypt, the beach, Austria and Disney land were our favourite destinations! Do you fancy a trip with us? 

We have been doing lots of investigations into teen numbers too, they are really tricky and we have been practising hard.  Why not try and find some teen numbers when you are out and about? 

This week we have found lots of clues that give us evidence that we have been visited by some superheroes, spiderwebs in the library and a cape left in the corridor have caused all sorts of excitement! 

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