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Trollish Developments

We have heard again from the Rabbits who have now found out that the troll is very upset because his bridge is broken! They moonlight is keeping him awake at night and he is finding it so hard to sleep.  We thought about what it meant to be nocturnal and have discovered that many of the animals that might live in the Meadow would be nocturnal so maybe they could help the troll.  We created new lullabies using the percussion instruments to try and help the troll to get to sleep.  We didn’t think it was a good idea to go down there though so we recorded them instead! Maybe you have heard some on the podcast page?  We have been learning lots of interesting facts about the meadow animals too. Did you know that Badgers dig special toilet pits?!  In Maths we have been exploring weight and have been using the balance scales to compare two things and find out how many cubes or marbles they weigh.  
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