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week 11

Well the princess certainly has had a lot of problems for us to solve this week.  She has been on an adventure to try and get to the special jousting tournament.  She had to go through what sounds like quite a spooky place and we listened to some music which made us think of a forest with crunchy leaves underfoot and animals hiding in the bushes.  We also helped her to find out what was wrong with her armour.  We had told her she would need some if she was going to enter the contest in disguise but she wrote to say everything was sticking to it!  She thought it was because it was so shiny but we knew better.  We knew that the armour must be magnetic because all the things that stuck to her would have been made of metal.  We have explored lots of items and sorted them out.  Our biggest challenge was finding out why some 2p coins were magnetic and some were not.

e have been really working our brains to understand how to take away from a starting number.  the start number was 10 and we have played lots of games in which we had to take away and find out how many were felt.  We have used flip flaps and number tracks to help us.  

Another quest was set out for us on Wednesday when a diamond ring from our magnetic treasure box went missing.  We looked high and low and made posters to find it which eventually worked and we found that Goldie dragon had got the ring after all.  Dragons do like shiny things! 

Week 11

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