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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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What a kerfuffle!

Last week there were some very exciting happenings in Year 2. We were all gathered round ready to begin our learning, when we heard an almighty crash! We rushed outside to investigate to find a lot of smoke and a huge pile of rubbish and broken sticks had been left right outside our classrooms!

We then received a 'tweet' from our faithful friend the blue tit to let us know that the meadow animals had been most upset at the way their habitats were being treated. We examined the evidence, took notes and discussed all we had seen and heard before coming together to hold a community meeting to hear everybody's opinions and viewpoints. This was such an exciting and interesting event that everyone had something they wanted to say, so our speaking and listening skills took some great leaps forward. We had to use all our knowledge of the evidence to explain our ideas and make connections between what all the animals thought to try and puzzle out just who could have been responsible for this terrible mess...
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