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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

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Where did all those weeks go?

We have reached the end of a very busy half term and time has flown by!  This week we have continued on our quest to help Princess Daisy.  She is not sure she is like other princesses and so we set about finding out about some others.  The Paper bag Princess was brave and courageous.  She rescued her Prince from the dragon and all the time wearing a paper bag because the dragon had burned all her clothes.  We were disappointed in Prince Ronald though, we thought he was very ungrateful.  the dragon was also a bit of a show off! We thought about how he bragged about the things he could do and even had a go at it ourselves!  The only thing that survived the dragon attack was Princess Elizabeth's crown.  we used sparkly jewels to make our own.  First we had to make sure it would fit.  


We have been finding out all about the number 5 and we now know some number pairs that make 5.  Our fingers came in very handy as well as the conkers we have gathered over the past few weeks.  

Even on the last afternoon of term we have not been too tired to work together to make an obstacle course outside.  Miss Stinton spotted lots of teamwork, co-operation and critical thinking and was very proud of us all.  Even our listening ears were still working as we suggested ideas to each other about changing the layout.  Maybe we could use it for Dragon training! 




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