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Year Group Target Expectations

The staff at Linton CE Infant School has a set of standards which the teachers expect all children to achieve by the end of a given term. We are sharing these with you so we all have a joint understanding of the expected outcomes however, children learn at varying rates and are
developmentally ready at different stages. You may receive this and recognise that your child is not near this expectation at present. The teacher will know this and support your child in order to achieve the desired expectation. On the other hand you may receive this booklet and realise your child is working beyond the expectation, again the teachers know this and will be tailoring the work to challenge each and every child. 
The targets set at Linton CE Infant School aim to ensure all children by the end of each year will achieve at least the National Expectation. At Parent Consultations, through on going conversation and through the use of the reading record book, teachers will be keeping you informed of how your child is progressing and any additional support or challenge that is need to ensure your child is achieving the best they possibly can.
We hope you find this information useful and when used alongside the termly curriculum map you will have a greater awareness of what the children are learning at school.