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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mrs Sarah Green, Mid-day Supervisor
Picture 2
Picture 3 Mrs Roz Markham, Foundation Stage team
Picture 4 Mrs Kelly Harries, Headteacher
Picture 5 Mrs Alice Armstrong, Year 2 Teacher
Picture 6 Miss Anna-Lisa Hill, Catering Assistant
Picture 7 Mrs Caroline Parkinson, Year 2 team
Picture 8 Miss Claire Hawkins, Foundation Stage Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Claire Revans, Year 1 team
Picture 10 Ms Emma Penfold, Receptionist and Admin Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs Emma Little, F/S teacher, Assistant Head
Picture 12 Mrs Hazel Fisher, Foundation Stage team
Picture 13 Mrs Jaime Webster-Spriggs, Year 1 team
Picture 14 Mrs Jill Weston, Year 1 team
Picture 15 Miss Julie Langley, Foundation Stage team
Picture 16 Mrs Liz Brooker, School secretary
Picture 17 Mrs Lorraine Last, Foundation Stage team
Picture 18 Mrs Louise Cooper, Yr1 teacher, Assistant Head
Picture 19 Mrs Natasha Anderson, Year 2 team
Picture 20 Mrs Paula Rowling, Assistant Cook
Picture 21 Mrs Sally Lawrence, Catering Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs Shelly Bourke, Cook
Picture 23 Mr Simon Coxall, Caretaker
Picture 24 Miss Stephanie Booth, Yr 1 teacher
Picture 25 Mrs Sue Filby, Year 2 team
Picture 26 Mrs Zoe Walton, Year 2 team