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Our Environment

The Lavender Room


Check our the update on our SEND page to see our newly established Lavender Room. We are incredibly proud of the work that has gone into developing this new and exciting addition to our school environment, and we can't wait to enjoy it with the children here at Linton Infants. 

Our Sensory Garden


Our sensory garden was designed as a quiet area for all members of our school, children and adults. A place for 5 minutes peace and reflection or a place to have a private conversation. We have a picnic table for people to sit and chat, a small vegetable patch, along with scented plants, a water feature and a fairy garden!

The Garden Room


The Sensory Garden path leads to the Garden Room where our emotional and social interventions are held. This room was funded entirely by the PTFA and has been furnished with the interventions that take place in mind.

Our School Pets


Following consultation with the School Council, we have two school guinea pigs. Nibbles and Fluffy. Children take it in turns to feed and water the guinea pigs, often enjoying a cuddle with them. They are used to the children and will feed from your hand! Nibbles and Fluffy also like being read to by the children, helping to give a confidence boost and a quiet time away from the classroom.

Our Wildlife Garden


Currently under construction is our Wildlife Garden. This area will benefit all of the children in so many different ways and they will learn so many different skills.


Children will discuss the different wildlife and how a Wildlife Garden elsewhere might have different species. We will talk about the water cycle and migration of birds, along with insects hibernating over colder months. Maths and Literacy will be used, learning new words and species along with counting the number of different insects. New vocabulary can be introduced to the children, along with how we can all help to support the environment. The children will also develop their Social and Emotional skills by learning to respect the wildlife, taking turns, learning water safety, using identification charts and learning empathy for our habitat.


Children who may be suffering from some emotional trauma would also benefit from this area as they will have a calm, quiet spot to talk and reflect with a trusted adult.  Other children in our school do not have the opportunity or support to visit local parks and nature reserves, they will also benefit greatly from such a facility in school.