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Welcome to Linton CE Infant School!
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Welcome toLinton C.E. Infant School

Where happiness and achievement go hand in hand

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mrs Kelly Harries, Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Emma Little, Assistant Head, Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Louise Cooper, Assistant Head, Class Teacher
Picture 4 Miss Stephanie Booth, Class Teacher, SENCO
Picture 5 Ms Caroline Antelo, Class Teacher
Picture 6 Miss Jennie Camps, Class Teacher
Picture 7 Miss Lisa Campbell, Class Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Alice Armstrong, Class Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Jaime Webster-Spriggs, ClassTeacher
Picture 10 Mrs Liz Brooker, School Secretary
Picture 11 Miss Emma Hicks, Office Administrator
Picture 12 Mrs Lisa Hounsome, Supply Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs Natasha Anderson, Higher Level Teaching Assist
Picture 14 Mrs Roz Markham, Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs Sue Filby, Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs Claire Revans, Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Miss Zoe Lord, Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs Caroline Parkinson, Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Mrs Chika Waterfield, Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Mrs Hazel Fisher, Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Miss Julie Langley, Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs Claire Darling, Teaching Assistant
Picture 23 Mrs Michelle Annett, Teaching Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs Masumi O'Neill, Midday Supervisor
Picture 25 Mrs Sarah Green, Midday Supervisor
Picture 26 Mr George Glossop, Caretaker
Picture 27 Miss Deanna Hawkins, Teaching Assistant and midday
Picture 28 Mrs Rachel Anderson, Teaching Assistant
Picture 29 Mrs Shelly Bourke, School caterer
Picture 30 Mrs Sally Lawrence, Catering Assistant
Picture 31 Mrs Lucy Hayes, Kitchen Assistant
Picture 32 Miss Lisa Hill, Kitchen Assistant

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Kelly Harries - Headteacher, Designated Person for Child Protection and Looked After Children, Collective Worship, Assessment and Curriculum lead, Pupil Premium lead
Mrs Emma Little- Assistant Headteacher, EYFS leader, Maths and Computing lead and EYFS class teacher

Mrs Louise Cooper - Assistant Headteacher, English and phonics lead, Year 1 class teacher

Miss Stephanie Booth -  Year 2 class teacher, Special Needs Co-ordinator, Emotions for Learning and PSHE lead